From long hours of practicing to performing detailed halftime routines, the Cal Poly Cheerleading team stays more active and busy than most people realize. While taking a look inside the lives of these cheerleaders, you will soon learn that there is so much more to cheerleading than what meets the eye.

Not only does cheerleading take copious amounts of hard-work, dedication, and effort from these girls, but it also has a deeper meaning to each and every one of them.

What Happens At Practice?

A Look Inside Practice

A typical practice ranges from 2-3 hours, and the team will go over everything from tumbling to stunting to rehearsing for sideline routines and halftime performances.

The team setting up the cheer mats at the beginning of practice (Mott Gym- 10/15/19) The team jogging with ankle weights on as part of their warm-up (Mott Gym- 10/15/19) A cheerleader's necessities for a long cheer practice (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). The team practicing their tumbling (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). “Injuries occur very frequently in cheer. It is not uncommon for my teammates to tape up their ankles or wrists before practice. It's just part of the sport.“ -Kinesiology senior Rachel Bergen wrapping her teammate’s foot (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). “Flying requires a lot of trust in your bases (those who are throwing and catching) and sometimes it’s scary when trying new skills, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s harder than people may think.”-Business administration junior Edith Cui (Mott Gym- 10/15/19) Edith Cui doing the splits at the top of the high-splits stunt (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). Edith Cui coming down from the high-splits stunt with a forward flip (Mott Gym-10/15/19). Edith Cui landing from the high-splits stunt as her teammates catch her (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). “The best part about stunting is working together with my teammates and finally hitting a skill we've been trying to get!“ -Liberal studies senior Leah Brill (bottom far left) (Mott Gym- 10/15/19). The team builds one final pyramid at practice (Mott Gym-10/15/19).

What Cheer Means to Them

Why is Cheer Important to Them?

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Leah's Experience

Leah's Experience

Liberal studies senior Leah Brill discusses her own personal journey with cheerleading and her favorite parts about it.

The Facts

The Facts